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Please find below a selection of helpful and informative articles on the latest news and updates from the dial up internet sector. We’ll always keep you informed and in the loop for any developments and new technology which will can help or improve your internet solutions.

Our articles will give you an insight into why people choose to use dial up internet and the beneficial effect it has had on people living in rural areas who can often struggle to get a substantial internet connection within their home or business.

Our cheap dial up is available to everyone, with no specialist equipment or complicated set up required. We can assist you with the initial installation of network settings should you require it.

Please make sure you check back to this page for regular updates on the latest news from the internet service providers and how dial up can help you get online quickly and easily.

Families of Low-Income Receive Cheap High Speed Internet Access Due to Comcast Internet Essentials Programme.

Suzan Milton who has adopted and also raised her grandchildren Nicholas, 11 and Samantha, 9, since they were small infants alongside ...Read More

Rural Communities And The Internet

Living in a rural community has its benefits such as its beautiful scenery and quiet location. It does however have a downfall that is quite large in today’s day and age. Rural communities often struggle with getting a good broadband internet ...Read More

Why do people still use dial up internet?

All over the world people are still using dial up internet, America alone has over 3.5 million people using it. Why is it then that dial up is still so popular? The reasons behind it are to do with the individual’s situation and ...Read More

10 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Internet

Some small business owners and small family owned companies don’t feel the internet is a relevant part of their business. However, the internet is an absolute necessity in today’s world especially with free internet providers. ...Read More