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10 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Internet

Some small business owners and small family owned companies don’t feel the internet is a relevant part of their business. However, the internet is an absolute necessity in today’s world especially with free internet providers.

People new to the internet would benefit from a dial up connection to the internet or ISDN line. This type of internet connection is easy to install - you don’t need any special equipment or knowledge and best of all it’s free.

These are the top ten reasons why every small business owner needs the internet:

1. New Customers

The internet helps attract new customers because it’s the number one source for information. People use the internet to research products and services before making a decision to purchase an item.

2. Communicate with Existing Customers

Maintain contact easily with existing customers by emailing them information about your business, reminders, and general marketing collateral.

3. Free Marketing

The internet has revolutionized the way small business owners market their business by allowing them access to unlimited ways of obtaining free advertising. Through the web you can inform people about your service and gain a wider audience.

4. Minimize Paper Usage

Stop mailing invoices and bills and email them instead. Save money and time by using online bill pay services to take care of your account payables.

5. Create Electronic Records

By emailing customers or suppliers you can keep an accurate record of transactions, conversations, and other pertinent information.

6. Competitive Edge

Don’t let your competition win your customers simply because they have web presence and you don’t. Ensure that people are aware of your business.

7. Learning Opportunity

Expand your own knowledge by using the internet for research. The internet is an indispensable source of information. Discover new business ideas and research new suppliers.

8. A Dial Up Connection is Easy to Use

All you need to install a dial up connection or ISDN line is your existing phone line. You don’t need any additional or special equipment.

9. Dial Up Connections and ISDN Lines are Free

Internet companies like Lush Dialup offer free dial up and ISDN line connections. Using your existing phone line, you can access the web for just the cost of a regular phone call. There are no hidden fees or charges.

10. It’s a Win-Win Situation

Your small business has nothing to lose by adding a dial up connection or ISDN line but everything to gain. It has the potential for huge rewards with no monetary investment.