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Families of Low-Income Receive Cheap High Speed Internet Access Due to Comcast Internet Essentials Programme.

Suzan Milton who has adopted and also raised her grandchildren Nicholas, 11 and Samantha, 9, since they were small infants alongside her husband, struggle with internet incompetence. They say they were annoyed at the slow speeds of their dial-up connection, which can stunt their grandchildren's education.

When Suzan Milton heard about dial-up Company, Comcast's Internet Essentials Programme offered high speed internet access for just $9.95 monthly for qualifying families. The programme also guarantees no equipment fees or no price increases at all. The programme also offers a computer for just $149.

Milton admits "I'm a firm believer that if it sounds too good to be true, walk away". Milton who was sceptical, held discussions concerning the programme until she felt satisfied that it was the correct decision for herself and of course her family. "The goal of the programme is to connect people to what's important" says Comcast Public Relations Director Walter Neary. "In this case, that's being able to do homework and succeed at school, for older students, it's also learning about jobs and college scholarships.

Six months on, and Suzan Milton is glad that she didn't let her scepticism keep her from trying out the new programme. Her grandchildren, Nicholas and Samantha use the high speed access form home every day and so does Milton. "They love that they can get on their own computer and do their homework" says Milton, who also purchased the $149 computer that was available through the program offered by Comcast. "At Tenino schools, if you forget your homework, they have it online. You can print out your homework and not fall behind".

High speed internet connection has meant Milton stays in contact with her other grand-children who live on the other side of the country. Her daughter purchased an iPad for Milton after she gained this higher speed connection which she thoroughly enjoys using. "Now I get to see my grandbabies in New Jersey. I get to see them walking, I get to hear Olivia saying "Hi Gamma".

Neary, the Director of Comcast Public Relations says strongly that, sharing stories of importance, like Milton's are essential so that more people will be encouraged to test the Internet Essentials Programme out. "About half of the households with incomes under $30,000 don't have broadband and that's just wrong," he says. "It's really about helping young people keep up, to avoid the 'digital divide' where a gap can be created."