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Rural Communities And The Internet

Living in a rural community has its benefits such as its beautiful scenery and quiet location. It does however have a downfall that is quite large in today’s day and age. Rural communities often struggle with getting a good broadband internet connection if any at all. This can be a major issue for some as it can prevent them from having access to the rest of the world. It can also be an issue for those who run bed and breakfasts as they are unable to make online bookings and guests often like to have access to the internet whilst away.

Even though internet levels are low in rural parts residents still pay the going rate for broadband internet. This is a costly process for them as they are usually paying for a service they are not receiving or partially receiving. A solution to paying less money and perhaps getting a better internet connection is to use dial up internet. You may think this is an outdated source however it could be the answer to those living in isolated destinations.

Dial up internet is a way of accessing the internet through the telephone network. It works via a modem attached to the user’s computer that then connects to the internet. Dial up has a pay as you go service meaning you only pay for the internet you use. This is far cheaper than paying for a service every month that you cannot use to its full potential. Another good thing about dial up internet is that it is mobile meaning you can take it wherever you go as long as you have access to a phone line.

On top of all this dial up internet is extremely easy to use. There is no need for you to maintain it or invest in new hardware saving you time and money.

There are like most things some disadvantages to using dial up internet such as when you are connected to the internet your phone line will not be in use. Some people choose to have another phone line installed so that both can be used at once.

For those who love online gaming dial up internet is not very convenient. Dial up internet is slower than most internet servers and it will; not support the viewing of multimedia videos or online gaming.