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Dial Up Internet Connections - 5 Benefits

Many people have forgotten about dial-up internet, but it's still in use by thousands of people. Even in the UK, where broadband has become quite widespread, there are still plenty of dial-up providers.

There are many reasons people still use dial-up some of these include:

1. Reliable

Dial up internet is as reliable as your phone line; this means that as long as you have a working phone line, you can still use dial up internet. Dial up simplifies the process of getting on the internet, using methods and protocols which have been well tried and tested over 20 years. Telephone lines are one of the most reliable and stable pieces of technology you'll come across; downtime is next to none. It's thanks to this that dial up can be relied on by thousands to connect to the internet, without having to worry about issues.

2. Easy Install

There is a minimal installation for using our dial up internet service. For the majority of our customers, there is next to no installation - just a few clicks and you're off! We give you two options, an automated installer, which takes care of all of the work or we also give you the details and instructions so that you can set it up yourself. Once installed and setup, you don't need to worry about it again, you can reconnect at any time at the click of a button.

3. Bills, Bills, Bills.

Do you get sick of having to manage all of your different bills and payments? So do we, and that's why with Lush Dial Up you don't have to worry about another bill! We use a 0845 number, which means that you just get charged according to your phone provider’s tariff, no usage allowances, no fixed contracts - no fuss!

4. Great Value

Dial up is now incredibly cheap, and you have a choice of different providers to choose from. With rates as low as 1p per minute from a majority of different telephone operators, you don't have to worry about expensive bills. Because you only pay for the time that you use, you get to decide how much you want to spend - not us. Quite often when getting broadband set up there are expensive installation and activation charges - not with dialup as long as you have a working phone line you can connect - it really is that simple.

5. Access Anywhere

Because of the way newer broadband technologies such as ADSL, cable and 3G work, they limit their availability to certain areas. Speeds can often vary a lot with broadband which can be caused by a variety of things, such as distance from the phone exchange or line quality. Quite often you are limited to using your broadband from one location (such as a home or business property), however with dial up you can connect wherever there is a phone line. Because dial up uses phone lines it means that it is available to a much broader area of people, covering most of the UK.