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Pay As You Go Internet

Pay as you go internet is something that we usually associate with dial up however this time round it’s not. Opera Software and Airtel have formed a new partnership which will result in Airtel users selecting a mobile data bundle that they can afford.  The data package is slightly different to most though as subscribers will pay depending on the type of site they visited and the time they did so. The service is available to seventeen countries across Africa and is named Opera Web Pass. › Continue reading

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The Benefits of Dial Up

Dial up internet has been around since I can remember and was once the height of technology. › Continue reading

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BT to Rid Themselves of Dial Up

Dial Up internet has been around for many years now and has proven to be a reliable and efficient piece of equipment. It has been especially good for those living in rural areas and for those who do not use the internet much. Of course it has been known to have its problems such as being slower than broadband, not being able to support media files and blocking your telephone line, plus much more. › Continue reading

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Does Dial Up Still Exist?

Dial up internet was one of the first effective forms of using the internet. It has been around since 1965 however it was not used properly until 1989. Users were able to access the internet using public telephone lines and a modem that would allow them to dial into the connection. It was a simple way of accessing the internet as there was no need for any installation, just an accessible telephone line. › Continue reading

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The Emergency Internet Connection?

How much do you actually know about the internet? The different types of connection, different types of browser, different websites and most importantly different laws and legislation surrounding each of these. What is interesting is that Dial Up Internet can in fact provide you with a way of getting round this. › Continue reading

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Dial Up – Not Dead Yet…

You might have thought that dial up internet was history; a lot of the big internet providing companies are no longer offering dial up services and even taking away the services they already provide for some customers. One of the best known cases of this is Virgin, who removed their dial up subscription service on the 21st of May this year, news which surprised many dial up users who had been completely reliant one the service.
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How To Speed Up Your Dial Up

The internet is probably the most useful communication and information gathering tool in the whole entire world. This means then that when your connection to it is sluggish and slow it becomes a pain to work with. The data transfer rates when using dial up can be painful but there are several solutions to the problem. › Continue reading

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Top 5 ISP’s

In today’s current recession it pays off to do some research before you sign up to broadband deals and if you are one of the people who like to save a pretty penny then you will take note and save your money here are the top 5 bestselling deals that are flying off the shelf! › Continue reading

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Linux users file EU compliant against Microsoft

The 8,000 member hipsalinux, which represents users and developers of the Linux operating system in Spain, has said that the giant Microsoft had made it difficult for users of computers sold with its new operating system Windows 8 platform to switch to Linux and other systems. › Continue reading

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Computers No Longer A Luxury For Students

Back in the day computers were considered a luxury, access to the internet was something that only professional businessmen had and you were lucky if you had a colour TV never mind a computer. However now it has become absolutely essential to succeeding in school, getting a job, and participating in today’s society. › Continue reading

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