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How To Speed Up Your Dial Up

The internet is probably the most useful communication and information gathering tool in the whole entire world. This means then that when your connection to it is sluggish and slow it becomes a pain to work with. The data transfer rates when using dial up can be painful but there are several solutions to the problem.

To increase the bits per second then you should take these few easy steps:

Step One –  you should make sure that you note down all of the communication settings throughout your computer, things like passwords and usernames etc as this will make it a lot easier to connect the next time you have to.

Step Two - you then need to go to your computers Control Panel and click “System” and select the “Hardware” tab. And click the device manager.

Step Three -  Open the “Ports” and choose the port into which you have the modem plugged in. Do this by clicking “Properties” at the bottom of the page.

Step Four -  this should allow you to click on “Port Settings.” Once there you should change the bits per second to 115200. You can set it higher, but if you have any issues at all then you should go back and change it to 115200 and hit ok.

Then you want to sort out your flow control, this is what allows a piece of hardware to fit in perfect with your systems capabilities without crashing all of the time and making your computer slower.

Step One – Go to your computers Control Panel and click “System”, select the “Hardware” tab and click the “Device Manager.”

Step Two - once you have done that click “Properties” again at the bottom of the page and navigate to the “Flow Control Tab.”

Step Three - Change the flow control to hardware instead of on/off. This is made so that it maximises the power of the modems hardware.

Step Four - Press the Advanced button. Slide the “receive buffer” measure to high, matching the transmit buffer, which should already be like that.

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