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Dial Up – Not Dead Yet…

You might have thought that dial up internet was history; a lot of the big internet providing companies are no longer offering dial up services and even taking away the services they already provide for some customers. One of the best known cases of this is Virgin, who removed their dial up subscription service on the 21st of May this year, news which surprised many dial up users who had been completely reliant one the service.

However, even with the big names no longer providing the service is dial up dead? One survey performed by Zen Internet recently showed that one in five UK companies still use dial up connections, a total of 22% which matches the percentage of UK firms who use fibre optic broadband. The reasons for this could be numerous; some firms just don’t need the internet connection as much as others and certainly don’t need the high speed internet connections that fibre optic would provide, so why bother paying for speed you won’t use? For these such firms dial up internet is the ideal selection; you’ll only be paying for what you use and you will most likely encounter fewer down periods and technical difficulties that are more commonly experienced with broadband and wireless technologies.

What may surprise some people is that some companies, AOL in particular, still make a successful business from supplying dial up internet services. In fact, even if you were to combine profits from all other aspects of AOLs business the profits would not be enough to beat those gained with dial up, which currently accounts for around 70% of the company’s profits. This certainly isn’t anything to sniff at, that percentage amounts to around $500 million each year, from dial up customers alone.
There is some speculation that this may be due to the fact customers are not aware of what they are paying for or why and actually think AOL and the internet to be one and the same to a degree, this is of course due to the heavy association between the two during the early years when AOL was marketed to be the number one internet provider in the industry.

Of course there are a number of people who still consider dial up internet to be their back up plan, while broadband services can go down for long periods of time and experience difficulties a subscription free dial up plan only requires a phone line and a password. You’ll pay for what you use and it will be billed to your phone line, so you won’t have anything extra to deal with. This is an unbelievably simple, secure and reliable technology and while it may be outshone by the speed of broadband there are many things to suggest that it will always be there and will always be ready to save you during your internet connection emergencies.

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