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The Emergency Internet Connection?

How much do you actually know about the internet? The different types of connection, different types of browser, different websites and most importantly different laws and legislation surrounding each of these. What is interesting is that Dial Up Internet can in fact provide you with a way of getting round this.

This is something that was first fully understood in the last ten years, during civil disputes where by the internet communications were disabled to prevent those participating in the rebellion from being able to organise themselves and communicate to one another, as well as to prevent those outside of the country from finding out exactly what is going on within that country. When you first hear about it this does sound like something that might be found in a science fiction movie; a theoretical internet kill switch, but there are in fact a number of countries that have them in place, and it isn’t something that is particularly difficult to put into place.

However, the internet kill switch being activated in Egypt in 2010 made way for a new revelation; that Dial Up Internet would still function, even with other forms of connection disabled. This is because the connections are disabled by contacting ISPs and having them ‘turn off’ the connection, and sometimes the same with phone companies to prevent mobile phones from working and accessing the internet. However, landlines are still there, they can still work and most importantly so can dial up internet.

This might sound like something that doesn’t impact on you at all; you’re not one of those enduring a civil war, your government would not kill your internet. This is not the case at all, in fact there are many governments who already have legislation in place that allow them to do this, including the UK, New Zealand and Australia; legislation that allows them to disable communications in times of crisis and emergency. The US is no different, since 1934 the US has had the Communications Act, which gives the government and in particular the president authority over communications during times of emergency, which means he is already able to close down the internet to some extent if he feels the need, what the new bill in the US does is fine tune that to include mobile and wireless communications, not just wired.

This might seem an unreasonable breach of our rights, but what are the odds of it ever being used? Unless a war starts then it probably won’t be used, and of course much of the internet and media is already censored and controlled to prevent unwanted communications, as it stands the government doesn’t need to switch the internet off in order to prevent certain communications from getting through. Though even this is used less than we might think, in many cases information is simply withheld from the beginning, so what could we really say about it on the internet until the government has released the story they want us to hear?

However, those among us who really couldn’t live without an internet connection and a way of communicating could find that dial up is often overlooked when it comes to pulling the internet kill switch, in many cases it endures and continues to function. So even if dial up internet isn’t your usual choice for a connection type, it may be handy to have it around with a login and password, just in case. It certainly seems like something you are more likely to use than that zombie apocalypse survival kit, which has become surprisingly popular in many family homes.

Whether it’s just that your router has died or the connection provided by your ISP is not as constant as they may have lead you to believe, or whether it’s because the internet kill switch has been pulled dial up internet can usually be counted on to provide a steady and very secure emergency alternative.

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