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BT to Rid Themselves of Dial Up

Dial Up internet has been around for many years now and has proven to be a reliable and efficient piece of equipment. It has been especially good for those living in rural areas and for those who do not use the internet much. Of course it has been known to have its problems such as being slower than broadband, not being able to support media files and blocking your telephone line, plus much more.

BT who have been providing their customers with the service have unfortunately decided to pull the plug. The telecoms group first informed their customers that they would be doing this in May and June of this year.  They have also said that the reason for the decision is down to the fact that only a small number of their customers are still using dial up. Eliminating dial up from their services will however leave at least a 1000 people living in rural areas without internet. The reason for this is because broadband is not efficient in rural areas due to the masts not being able to receive enough signal. Dial up on the other hand used the phone line to connect allowing people living in rural areas to have access.

Dial Up internet along with its screeching dial in tone came to the UK in 1992. This allowed users to have access to the internet at speeds of up to 56.6 kilobits per second. Broadband on the other hand has much faster speed available coming in at megabits per second.

The amount of people using dial up internet has dropped so dramatically over the years it is actually nearly impossible to know how many people still use it. Estimations suggest that nationally it’s around hundreds of thousands.  Shockingly to the younger generation statistics show that only a third of the UK’s elderly have used the internet.

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