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The Benefits of Dial Up

Dial up internet has been around since I can remember and was once the height of technology. With internet options improving all the time though and with the introduction of broadband, dial up is now a rare sight. This isn’t to say that it no longer exists though as it definitely does and millions of people around the world are still using it.

We are of course well aware of some of the disadvantages that dial up has including slow speeds, interfering with the telephone lines and its inability to stream videos and music. There are however a whole number of benefits that come with using dial up and you can see some of them below.

The best thing about dial up is that it provides you with pay as you go internet. This means that those who want to use the internet only need to pay for what they use. The charges incurred with dial up are charged in accordance with your telephone tariff saving you high monthly costs like those with broadband. The pay as you go service is great for those living in rural areas as they find it difficult to receive a broadband connection. With dial up they may have slower speeds but they are less likely to lose a connection.

As well as being cheap, dial up is safe and safer than any other connections. The reason for this is because dial up requires a different IP address every time you dial in. With the constant rotation of the IP address it is almost impossible for somebody to track or trace you as you don’t leave a trail behind you. This means that all of your confidential information is kept safe making you less likely to be victims of fraud or any other wrong doing.

Dial up is available almost anywhere as you can dial in as long as a phone line is available. This makes it an extremely convenient service for travellers, businessmen, business women and anybody else that travels a lot.

Those living in rural areas benefit from dial up as broadband is often unable to reach them due to a lack of masts. This means anybody living in a rural area paying for the service is most likely not getting the full service. This means they are paying the full price for something that doesn’t work properly for them. It’s like buying a faulty TV. Dial up however is able to reach rural areas making it easy for people to surf the web.

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