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Computers No Longer A Luxury For Students

Back in the day computers were considered a luxury, access to the internet was something that only professional businessmen had and you were lucky if you had a colour TV never mind a computer. However now it has become absolutely essential to succeeding in school, getting a job, and participating in today’s society.

However there is a divide of people who do and do not use or need the internet. For example teenagers are the most common age bracket to use the internet followed by the 18-25s and so on until you hit around the pensioner age you don’t really start to see anyone who doesn’t use the internet either for their job or because they like to keep up to date with things. The over 60s however may not use it because they don’t know how to or most probably they don’t need it.

More than 80 percent of teachers agree that today’s digital technologies are leading to greater disparities between affluent and disadvantaged schools.

It is very hard these days to not own a computer of some sort, whether it is a tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop. Even in schools it is hard because of the online based homework systems that keep track of your progress throughout the year, more and more people have to become internet wise.

It is also becoming essential for parents because if they want to keep track of their Childs progress all of the time then they have to use an online portal program which lets them do so.

During a pilot program in last summer in America, the cost of the digital exclusion through the accounts of students in schools. One school child described how he had late night trips to MacDonald’s because of the free wifi so that she could research college opportunities and do work.

This just shows that everyone whatever their situation needs to connect the internet to compete in the everyday life of getting a job, going to school and even working. Everyone needs to have a computer if they want to be constantly up to date with everything because technology is moving so fast that no one knows what will happen in the next 10-15 years.

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