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Pay As You Go Internet

Pay as you go internet is something that we usually associate with dial up however this time round it’s not. Opera Software and Airtel have formed a new partnership which will result in Airtel users selecting a mobile data bundle that they can afford.  The data package is slightly different to most though as subscribers will pay depending on the type of site they visited and the time they did so. The service is available to seventeen countries across Africa and is named Opera Web Pass.

The service can only be accessed through the user’s phone where they must launch Opera Mini on their mobile telephone.  They must then select 1 in the speed dial section to get onto Opera Web Pass. Once they have done this they will be able to pick from a variety of web pass subscriptions which package they would like depending on their personal needs.

The chief marketing officer of Airtel Africa, Andre Beyers, said in a statement to TechMoran “Opera Web Pass will make a significant difference to our customers’ ability to buy data bundles easily in a way that suits them. We have enjoyed a beneficial relationship with Opera and seen growth of the Opera Mini browser across 17 markets in Africa”. (Source – http://techmoran.com/airtel-opera-launch-a-pay-as-you-go-internet-data-service-in-africa/)

With the existing Opera Mini platform Opera Web Pass is able to allow Airtel to package time or specific site data to their subscribers.  This is done in a cost effective way and only allows users to access sites for a particular length of time. For those who do not have a data plan with their phone another option is available. This option allows them, to pick a time period they want to use the net for rather than the number of megabytes.

The company believe that their new plan will have a number of advantages including being able to liberate users, provide easy to use services, streamline the internet to a mobile and make it less invasive. It is also expected to help monitor and enhance web passes and campaigns so that almost any mobile phone or platform will be web friendly.

The CEO, Lars Boiolesen at Opera Software said “At Opera, we believe that access to the web is a universal right. Partnering with market leaders such as Airtel has offered us the opportunity to help lower the barriers to access the mobile web and empower more African users to get online”.  (source – http://techmoran.com/airtel-opera-launch-a-pay-as-you-go-internet-data-service-in-africa/0

The pay as you go system used in dial up was at the time a very successful way of using the internet. For some people it still very much is, which is why I have good faith in the new services launched at Opera Web Pass. It should help those who struggle financially to manage their expenses with ease and without having to worry about monthly charges.

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