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Linux users file EU compliant against Microsoft

The 8,000 member hipsalinux, which represents users and developers of the Linux operating system in Spain, has said that the giant Microsoft had made it difficult for users of computers sold with its new operating system Windows 8 platform to switch to Linux and other systems.
In the 14 page long complaint, Hipsalinux said that Windows 8 contained an obstruction mechanism of all things called UEFI Secure Boot which controls the start up of the computer and means that users must seek keys from Microsoft to install another operating system which will no doubt cost extra money. It is not competitive and it is really bad for the user and for the European software industry.
Microsoft said UEFI was an industry standard aimed at improving computer security and that this approach had been public for some time. Robin Koch the Microsoft spokesman has said “We are happy to answer any additional questions but we are confident our approach complies with the law and helps keep customers safe.”
This is true it does keep the user safe from viruses in a way, however then what if users want to put on another interface like for their work a remote desktop and that can be Linux which is a main system that is used for dial up and many people are comfortable with switching between systems.

A spokesman for EU competition Chief Joaquin Almunia declined the comment.
In the comments that are on record dated March 4 to a query from a European Parliamentary lawmaker, Almunia said that his administration was aware of the Microsoft Windows 8 security requirements.
The relations of Microsoft with the EU executive have been majorly tense since 2004, when the EU found that the company hadn’t followed the correct rules in regards with the market leader because of its media player was tied up to the Windows software packages which mean you have to buy windows. Again Microsoft broke its pledge by recently failing to offer a choice of browsers thus resulting in a fine of 561million Euros by the commission on March 6th 2009.
The company is back on rebuilding relationships and keeping a low head when it comes to the laws because it has already had many damages in recent years and doesn’t want to get anymore.

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