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Dial Up Internet – It’s Around and Cheap as Ever

All we hear about these days is broadband internet. Don’t be mistaken – this is not your only option for internet access in this day and age. Dial up internet providers are still around, and they are offering cheap dial up internet connection for everyone who is tired of paying ridiculous monthly fees for a broadband internet connection.

Seldom will you find dial up internet connection offered for anything more than £10 per month. Some dial up internet providers even advertise “free internet.” What this means is that there are no monthly fees for connection or an initial set-up fee. You do still have to pay for your internet access, but it is on a usage basis. If you only connect to the internet for 10 minutes, you are only charged for 10 minutes of usage. Rates of cheap dial up internet providers can be as low as 1p per minute, so as long as you are not constantly connected to the web, the savings will roll in.

It isn’t just about the money you save; it’s also what you can get from some dial up ISPs. Most dial up internet providers give you unlimited POP3 email addresses, aliases and forwarding addresses. To protect all of your inboxes from malware, dial up ISPs also have SPAM filters and anti-virus software to screen your incoming messages for known spammers and viruses. Additionally, many cheap dial up internet providers will also give you some web space with which to do whatever your heart contents.

Something else besides price and benefits to consider with dial up internet is its ease of set-up. So long as you already have a dial up modem and a phone line set up, establishing a dial up internet connection takes just a few clicks. There is no extra set-up with installing a broadband line or router. Most dial up ISPs support most dial up modem types, including 56K, V90, V92, ISPN 64K and 128K.

Cheap dial up internet providers are not difficult to find either. There are a wealth of companies within the UK, all with the lowest prices due to the competition in the market. Picking one out of the many may be difficult, but either way, cheap dial up internet connection is completely accessible, all of its savings and benefits in tow.