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Dial Up Internet – Part of the Future

To many, a dial-up internet connection sounds like a thing of the past, a fond memory of the 1990s with the beeps and squeaks when you were connecting with the internet through your dial up modem It’s true that broadband internet connection has become more and more of the norm since it is significantly faster and the connection is generally consistent and reliable. However, dial up internet access has not fallen to the wayside just yet.

Because broadband requires external infrastructure beyond a telephone line and a modem, many less-populated areas don’t have access to a broadband connection. Internet service providers don’t want to make the costly investment to build and set up the necessary lines and servers in order to provide ubiquitous broadband internet connection. There may not even be a demand for fast internet – enough speed to check emails and do some basic web browsing is sufficient enough for many.

A dial up internet connection is the intermediary between broadband and no internet whatsoever. Because dial up runs on telephone lines, no additional infrastructure needs to be built to provide dial up internet access to practically anyone. All that is necessary is a landline and a modem, and dial up ISPs will be able to connect you to the internet.

In terms of internet speed, there is no fooling anyone – broadband is absolutely faster than dial up. As a dedicated line for internet providing higher download and data transfer speeds, there is no comparison. However, that isn’t to say that dial up internet speed is intolerably slow. The fastest dial up speed, theoretically, is 56 kilobits per second, but factors like noise on the line or how many people are connected affect the speed of data transfer. Realistically, the average speed is 40-50 kilobits per secon. This means that your average webpage, which has about 50 kilobytes of data (do make the distinction between kilobits and kilobytes, would take around 7 seconds to load. If you continually revisit the same pages, much of the information can be saved and stored in your cache so that the page and the data will load quicker. Programs can also be used for a monthly fee that will enhance dial up speed inasmuch as the data loads faster. Your dial up internet connection is not actually any faster, but data is compressed in such a way that it loads quicker. It may not be broadband, but it is a manageable dial up speed.