• Access Number: 0845 125 3705
  • Username: lush Password: lush
  • Mail Server: smtp.lushdialup.co.uk

No frills dialup internet service providing faster than normal connections FOR FREE!

Why Use Lush Dialup?

Here at Lush Dial Up we guarantee that you will never encounter problems connecting due to lack of available ports or engaged tones during peak times. We always have fast connection speeds with 1:1 contention ratios, meaning you receive a premium service at all times.

No Engaged Tones

We keep modem pools set aside for when usage is high, including peak times such as evenings and weekends. This allows us to always keep phone lines available for you to connect. Our modem to user ratio is 1:1, meaning you’ll never have to wait around or avoid using the internet when you need it most.

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Fast dialup connection speeds

Unlike other Internet Service Providers, we never share connection speeds with other users or customers. Here at Lush Dial Up, we always ensure a modem to user ratio of 1:1. With Lush Dial Up you can be assured of getting the fastest dialup connection possible. We are one of only a few ISP's to offer a non-contended dial-up service. Lush Dial Up has no costly subscription fees and you’ll never need to get stuck in a complicated contract. Getting started with our great dial up solution is simple and quick.

No signup

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require users to fill in lengthy and complicated application forms before using their low quality service. We know your time is valuable and have made things as easy as possible - simply hit the 'Quick Start' button at the top of the page and you will be connected our premium internet service in no time.

No subscription fees

All users of Lush Dialup benefit from no weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fees. Why pay for dialup internet access when you can connect for FREE? There are no strings attached, you can use it as much or as little as you want. With these flexible payment options, you can always get the best value for money and an internet solution that is suitable for your needs.